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Space tourism is a very new thing and an untapped industry. Over the years, Virgin Galactic has aimed to be one of the pioneers to establish a commercial spaceflight business.

In July 11th 2021, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson has succeeded on its test flight to space! It is a worthy moment as the fame of its founder can bring the popularity of Virgin Galactic to a whole new level.

If Virgin Galactic can be one of the companies that establish a strong business in this, as the activity become more and more affordable for all, it has a very high potential to reap in huge profits. The waiting list for its commercial spaceflight opening has only grown with this great news.

However, buying Virgin Galactic stocks can be done now and need not to be placed in waiting list. So, trade Virgin Galactic stocks with Ruby Markets now and let Virgin Galactic soar you through outer space!

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