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Get your hands in stocks like Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, J&J, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Gilead, Inovio and the like, as there are one of the well-known pharmaceutical stocks in the world. Health is a necessity for the society especially in the pandemic season now!

Why Pharmaceutical stocks?

Pharmaceutical stocks are the shares of wider healthcare companies that focus on developing, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products, such as drugs, medicines and vaccines. Investing in pharmaceutical stocks is a popular trend in times of political or economic instability. Given the Covid-19 crisis, pharmaceutical companies have been in high demand as they provide products and equipment, in turn increasing their share price and value.

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Pharmaceutical stocks are the shares of wider healthcare companies that focus on developing, While trading pharma stocks, it's important to keep up to date with news and key developments across the world. The stock market can be volatile and share prices often fluctuate based on announcements.

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Top pharma stocks

All of the below shares can traded on our trading platform.

Pfizer (PFE)

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, headquartered in New York City. It was founded in 1849 and Pfizer’s share price has been featured on the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index since 2004, setting a standard for rising pharma stocks. Pfizer develops and distributes medicines and vaccines worldwide, for inflammatory and immunology diseases, as well as rare diseases. This blue-chip stock provides consistent dividends and opportunities for company growth and revenue, making it one of the most popular biotech stocks among traders. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was the first to be approved for distribution in the UK in December 2020, which has shown to be 95% effective against Covid-19.

Market capitalisation: $187.07bn
Dividend yield: 4.55%

Moderna (MRNA)

Investing in Moderna stocks is another opportunity on this list for investors that are interested in rising pharma stocks. Moderna is a US biotech company that bases its research and development for vaccines and therapeutics primarily on mRNA molecules. The company already has alliances with other top pharma companies, including AstraZeneca and Merck, which is an indication of its promising future within the healthcare sector. In the UK, Moderna's vaccine was the third to be approved for distribution to the general public in January 2021, solidifying this small-cap stock as a main competitor against its large-cap rivals.

Market capitalisation: $58.51bn
Dividend yield: N/A

Sanofi (SNY)

Sanofi is seen as a relatively safe bet in the world of healthcare stocks. It's a Paris-based pharmaceutical company that focuses on therapeutics, most notably for multiple sclerosis, various cancers and arthritis. It is the world’s fifth largest pharmaceutical company in terms of prescription sales from selling a wide range of over-the-counter drugs to consumers. This makes investing in Sanofi stocks a very appealing choice for investors.

Market capitalisation: $114.98bn
Dividend yield: 3.69%

AstraZeneca (AZN)

AstraZeneca conducts its research and development in three global regions: Cambridge, UK; Maryland, US; and Mölndal, Sweden. It's one of the most advanced developers of prescription medicine for cardiovascular, respiratory and autoimmunity purposes. It's also one of the fastest-growing top pharma stocks in 2021 due to the pandemic, leading Astrazeneca’s share price to rise within recent months. In December 2020, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was the second to be approved by the MHRA and distributed to the general public, which will continue in the following months.

Market capitalisation: $128.93bn
Dividend yield: 2.83%

Gilead Sciences (GILD)

Gilead is a US biopharmaceutical company that focuses on producing antiviral solutions for illnesses that are often overlooked by other healthcare companies. This includes treatment for HIV, liver disease and other inflammatory diseases that are similar to influenza. Gilead’s stock price shot up by 5% in a matter of days after releasing the news that they were a primary contender in the race for a Covid-19 vaccine in early 2020.

Market capitalisation: $79.01bn
Dividend yield: 4.31%

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